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Frequently Asked Questions

medicalON is a health platform with thousands of doctors. It includes features where clients can meet with doctors online, manage all health data from a single center, and share these health data with any doctor they wish. In this way, you can access the physicians on the system from wherever and whenever you want.

If you can't decide whether you need to go to the hospital.

When you are considering going to the hospital for non-urgent reasons.

When you want doctors to interpret the results of your lab tests.

When you want to get opinions from specialist doctors about your health problems.

When you want to consult a second doctor about the diagnosis given to you by your doctor

If you are thinking of going to the doctor but can't find the time. If you are looking for the right doctor for you.

medicalON provides world-class data security with its security certificates. In addition, all data is safely stored in our data centers located in Romania. Especially online video calls can never be recorded by the system. With P2P technology, image transmission is provided in an end-to-end encrypted manner.

You can use this system in a very simple way. Become a Member: You can easily become a member with a few basic knowledge of the system. Choose an Appropriate Time: You should make an appointment for a time when the doctor of your choice is available. Make Payment: You can safely pay the fee determined by the physician with your credit card. Wait for the Doctor's Call: At your appointment time, the physician will call you through our mobile application. Make sure you have downloaded the app and logged in.